You might ‘wand’ to bag this magical Collector’s Edition

If you’re in the market for a Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition, you might get lucky soon. Because apparently, there is one coming and it has been hiding in plain sight on the game’s website. Dataminers have found a list of contents on which Warner Bros. cast an Invisibility Charm ever since, but that’s nothing some Re-Visibility Spectacles or a good old Aparecium can’t undo.

According to the hidden image shared on Reddit – which has now been ‘Evanescoed’ from the website‘s code -, Hogwarts Legacy will come in three editions; Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition. Standard gives you the base game and Deluxe comes with some in-game trinkets, plus a 72-hour Early Access pass. But the Collector’s Edition might be the one you ‘wand’.

Hogwarts Legacy Standard, Deluxe, and Collector's Edition contents

Well well… a book and a magic wand. Oh, and a steel case that nobody’s really interested in. But a book. And a wand. Ain’t that just wand-erful? It could be kinda cool, I guess. And that cool factor might become very debatable if estimated prices are correct. Because believe it or not, a Reditter named UncleFatsoe already knew about this more than a week ago, mentioning a price that will have you cast Obliviate on yourself.

Yikes! $400 for a game with a floaty stick and a book? Dayum, Warner… Here I was, believing you drastically overpriced the Shadow of War: Mithril Edition. But if this intel turns out to be legit, paying $300 for a game and a bronze statue – which turned out to be cheap plastic – feels like a bargain in hindsight. You do know that similar items will eventually go for a couple of sawbucks on AliExpress, right?