XIII is free to claim on GOG, but you better be quick

If you’re in the market for a free game, I’ve got something nice for you. The original XIII – the 2003 version, not the fucked up 2020 remake – is up for grabs on GOG.com. You can add the game to your ever-expanding backlog without ever spending a nickel, but you’ll have to make haste. The offer ends pretty damn soon.

Contrary to the 2020 remake – which got a cold shoulder from a shit ton of gamers on Steam – Ubisoft’s original version of XIII was actually pretty amusing back in the day. The cel-shaded style felt fresh, the comic book-style effects did the trick, and the forgetful protagonist was fairly believable. Even the “you’re accused of assassinating the POTUS and every government body now wants you dead” storyline was passable.

It’s pretty funny how this eighteen-year-old version is in almost every way superior to its remake. For some obscure reason, developer PlayMagic dumped the graphics style and went for a slightly more detailed approach. To make things worse, they published the game buggy as fuck and with a horrible audio remix. As if David Duchovny wasn’t boring and monotone enough in 2003…

Anyway, PlayMagic and publisher Microids eventually apologized for it, so I shouldn’t come down too hard on them. But damn, did the remake suck donkey balls. What a way to destroy a legacy, right? Thank god the original is still out there and thank GOG for making it available free of charge.

Everyone who checks in before 6 AM PT/9 AM ET on April 1 can benefit from this generous freebie, which is no joke. So what are you waiting for? Go and get some!