Xbox is testing Night Mode so you can catch more zzz’s

You might not always realize it, but sometimes light is bad, m’kay. Like, really really bad, m’kay. Especially when you’re about to catch some shut-eye. For that reason, Xbox is now experimenting with adding Night Mode to their console.

Ah yes, Night Mode. Almost every device with a screen seems to have it nowadays, and for a good reason. You see, all that artificial light kinda fucks up your biological clock, also known as your circadian rhythm. Blue wavelengths are particularly good at that. During the daytime, these are good. During the night, not so much. Some studies even say that these disturbances don’t only cause a messed-up sleeping pattern, but may also contribute to diabetes and cancer. Yikes!

Of course, Microsoft Xbox doesn’t want to be a contributor to your daily dose of disease-inducers. Therefore, Xbox is now testing a Night Mode through its Xbox Insiders program. Enabling Night Mode will allow users to dim their screens and apply a blue light filter. Even the brightness of the LED’s on the controller and the power button can be adjusted. The last one can even be turned off completely. Night Mode can even take care of your HDR and the darkness of your color scheme.

All of this can take up quite a bit of time if your expected to do this manually every time. Even Microsoft gets that. All that finicking about can really take a chuck out of your game time. For that reason, Night Mode can also be scheduled. Pick your desired time slots and Night Mode will enable and disable automatically. Wow. Technology, am I right?

If all tests get the green light – which is less harmful than blue, might I add – Night Mode will be added for all Xbox users. For now, Xbox Insiders are the lucky ones. So if you’ve always wanted to find out who’s an Insider and who isn’t, look for the Xbox gamers whose dark circles around the eyes are slowly fading.