Xbox is working on this fairly (in)significant 4K resolution thingy

Question: Has this happened to you? You’ve finally gotten your hands on an Xbox Series X. After gently unwrapping it, caressing it, and giving it sweet kisses, you plug the machine into your beefy 4K tv and a power socket. The initial installation is about to finish up and that joyous boot-up sound hits you right in the feels. But then, disappointment strikes. The dashboard’s resolution looks like shit! Is it your tv? Is the HDMI cable faulty? What the froyo, man?! Nope, it’s just the fact that the Xbox Series X dash isn’t projected in a native 4K resolution…

If this has actually occurred to you and you’ve felt bummed out by it ever since, Xbox might have the solution for you fairly soon. After lots of questions from the fanbase, Microsoft has finally announced that the Xbox Series X will be getting a minor dashboard overhaul which will add a 4K resolution display option. As per usual, Xbox Insiders will be getting dibs on this feature as it will hit the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring first.

What will this update entail? Well… you’ll be able to set the dashboard resolution to a 4K resolution, obviously. This means that the dash and the UI will look somewhat sharper and text should be easier to read. Aaaaand that’s about it.

Well, that’s not entirely true though. Some Xbox users might have pumped into localization issues. Seeing things displayed in a language other than selected does happen from time to time. I’ve personally seen some Scandinavian descriptions in the digital Store, for example. Apparently, Xbox has been working on a fix for that, although it does warn Preview-participants that a thing called Pseudo-Loc might occur. For more on that, follow this link.

So yes, there might be a reason for you to rejoice soon, be it that we don’t have an exact date yet. Then again, if this update has hit the testing phase, it probably won’t take long anymore.