Xbox pinky-swears CoD won’t go exclusive (for now)

CoD (a.k.a. Call of Duty), the industry seems to be obsessed with it lately. The cheater-ridden and – quite frankly – generic FPS might have lost its flair over the years. But to Microsoft, it’s the ultimate bargaining chip. With the EU and the UK expressing their doubts regarding the Microsoft-Activision deal, Xbox looks to smooth out the wrinkles by reaching out to PlayStation. Because if CoD is the main reason why PlayStation objects to the multi-billion dollar deal proposed by Xbox, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Because Microsoft has no issues clarifying that CoD will remain available on Sony’s ecosystem. Even when the current contract ends, Microsoft will continue to deliver the shooter for “several years” (as reported by The Verge). And that just shows how much of a gentleman Microsoft is. Because they really don’t have to do that. And Xbox knows it, calling this gesture “an offer that goes well beyond typical gaming industry agreements”.

Of course, there’s reason to believe that this isn’t merely a gesture of good faith. To me, it feels like a typical ‘quid pro quo’ situation. “I’ll give you what you want if you’ll let me take what I want”. It’s like giving your annoying kid brother a piece of the chocolate bar so you can have the rest. And honestly, bringing CoD to PlayStation won’t even hurt Xbox. On the contrary. Making Call of Duty exclusive might actually hurt revenue as you’d basically lose half of your audience, if not more.

Anyway, interpret that any way you like. I’m sure Xbox won’t really care what we think. It’s far too busy wooing the EU and UK. Let’s just hope that – after publicly showing their generosity – Xbox doesn’t get backstabbed by Sony.

Speaking of backstabbed, here’s a cute Campaign Early Access trailer for Modern Warfare II, which unintentionally bares the name Backstabbed.