Xbox singlehandedly ends the console war with a single Tweet

War has been around since the dawn of man. Just think about it. For as long as you can probably remember, people have been fighting over futile shit. Land, oil, which God is the OG one… even which console is best. It’s the last of mentioned reasons that Microsoft has had enough of, apparently. Team Xbox – to some the superior team – has advocated for world console peace by putting the ancient “which console is better” war to rest. How? By a simple tweet. Or should I say “by signing a tweety”?

Yes indeedio, Microsoft Xbox is being a good sport and is showing the world that they don’t mind you preferring the hardware of their competitor. In fact, they’re even tweeting screenshots of their could gaming ads, containing a DualShock 4 controller. For real. I’m dead serious about it. For people who haven’t even noticed the piece of PlayStation hardware in the pic, Xbox is even pointing it out.

Ain’t that grand though? Microsoft Xbox, going the distance to end this ancient console war once and for all? I mean, if this doesn’t put Phil Spencer on the candidate list for a Nobel Peace Prize, I don’t know what does. Others have actually gotten those for doing less impressive shit.

On the other hand, Team Xbox still believes that this piece of hardware should be utilized using Xbox’s cloud service, not an actual PS4. You know, because nothing beats good ol’ xCloud in the first place. Right? Or do you believe that PlayStation is still better than Xbox? Why would anybody say something so controversial…