White Elite Series 2 controllers matter (and cost less)

I feel that it’s been a while since a catchy hashtag went viral. So how about this one: #WXES2CM. Hmmm… I dunno, but it’s true though. White Xbox Series 2 Controllers Matter. They might have a smaller package than their black counterparts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because if size doesn’t matter to you and price does, the white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller might tickle your pickle.

Yup, the rumors have finally been confirmed by Microsoft. The pricy but superior Xbox Elite controller is getting a white edition. And that’s just great because there’s nothing better than having a controller that shows how raunchy your fingers truly are. But hey, at least it matches the Xbox Series S, that one console people got because the X wasn’t available for another 23 years.

And it’s almost like Microsoft knew that people would need a few extra bucks for detergent with this Elite controller. That’s probably why the white one is $50 cheaper, costing “only” $129.99. And I guess the name (Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 – Core) already gives the true reason away. Uhhu… this honky comes with fewer accessories. Or actually, none. Apart from the USB type C cable and a thumbstick adjustment tool

But if you want the carrying case, charging dock, paddles, thumbsticks, and extra D-pad… you can. For an additional $59.99 you’ll be able to acquire the ‘Complete Component Pack’, containing all the bits and pieces left out. So, added up, the white Elite Series 2 costs about $10 more if you’re going all in. Typical white boi shit. Pretending to be cheaper, only to be not.

Anywayz, if neither black nor white does it for you, Microsoft has got you covered. As of “this holiday”, creative minds can go at it on the Xbox Design Lab site where the Elite Series controllers will be added to the list of customizable controllers. At a price, of course.