OG Xbox designer gets a taste of the Oppenheimer syndrome

Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of online gaming”. That’s what Xbox designer Seamus Blackley must have thought after witnessing another case of online bullying. And to him, it’s pretty devastating to see what the online gaming environment has become. Who would have guessed that bringing people together through online gaming could also make people less social? Seamus Blackley sure didn’t, that’s for sure.

It drove Seamus to respond to streamer Grenade Queen on Twitter, who got bombed by a couple of unnamed teammates. After playing a not-so-great match, normal people take their losses and give it another shot. But Grenade Queen had to deal with another kind of gamer, the kind that feels like publicly shaming during a disappointing match of Halo Infinite. To be honest, call each other worse things in a team chat, but still. Apparently, it’s nearly impossible to keep criticism to yourself these days. And this particular case has Seamus rattled, saying that this was not what he had envisioned when creating Xbox Live.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something new. This happens all the goddamn time and it’s the sole reason why I – a notoriously bad online gamer – don’t enjoy playing online games. I mean, I get it. I suck at it. You’re better at it. But can we just leave it at that and call it a day? Why do people constantly need to call out other people’s flaws, mostly in a demeaning way? What the fuck, people?

It’s just so damn depressing to see that this shit just won’t seem to end. The option to report players doesn’t seem to do shit anymore. What are we to do? No honestly, tell me. Let me know, man. Maybe – just maybe – I’ll get a chance to enjoy online gaming for a change.