Xbox Design Lab is back, letting you create your own controller

Are you tired of your stale black Xbox Series X controller? Is the pale white version of the Xbox Series S also not sparking joy? Well, what if you could choose your own color scheme? In fact, you can (once more). Xbox Design Lab is by back popular demand, giving gamers the opportunity to configure their own gamepad.

Just when I thought they were done with the E3 announcements, Team Xbox hits us with this short – but to some, very welcome – surprise. Xbox Design Lab has given Xbox One gamers the chance to create a personalized controller in the past, and is now doing the same thing for Xbox Series owners. To a certain point, there’s not much that Microsoft has to chance on their end. The Series controller is almost identical to the Xbox One version. Still, it’s a cool move.

As of now, you’re free to get crackin’ with choosing your own color scheme. You’ll be able to pick one of the 18 colors for almost every part. Triggers, bumpers, the front, the back, the thumbsticks, the D-pad… even the ABXY buttons and the options buttons are somewhat customizable.

To ensure that even woke people are on board with all this use of plastic material, Microsoft has pledged that 30% of it consists of post-consumer recycled materials by weight. So technically we’ll be doing Mother Nature a favor by playing Xbox on our freshly designed controller.

So, are you on board as well? Head over to the official Xbox Design Lab website to get started. For a little under seventy big ones, you can have it all your way. For a tenner more, they’ll even laser inscribe it for you.

P.S.: These controllers do not work with the recently announced ‘cooler’ version of the Xbox Series X.