Being gay is okay, and Xbox (selectively) propagates it

Manly rim jobs, a brotherly tug of love, and assless leather man pants; most people go “ew” when confronted with it, except in June. Because June is Pride Month, and that means an elevated level of LGBTQ+ acceptance. To propagate this elevated sense of ‘being gay is okay’, Xbox goes full rainbow by changing their logo and introducing a special edition controller. Just not in the Middle East, because that would hurt sales, obviously.

If you ask me, there’s no need for an anal… excuse me, annual event. Accepting anybody who doesn’t have a heterosexual preference shouldn’t be limited to a single month. But hey, there are reputations to uphold and money to be made. Because how else can corporates show that they care about minorities, right?

So yeah, let’s change logos and make ’em all rainbowy and show that we support manlove and scissoring and all that jazz. But also try to make a buck out of it by selling redundantly skinned controllers and stuff so others can see that you’re mega-tolerant. Because we gotta show that we’re tolerant, especially during Pride Month.

A very gay Pride Month Xbox controller, but that's okay.

Ain’t that just the prettiest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on? Imagine holding this beauty while playing Tell Me Why, which is free during Pride Month. But if you’re more into Forza or Halo, you’re bound to expect some gay goodies from team Xbox. Because hey – and I can’t stress this enough – being gay should be accepted everywhere, just not in the Middle East because we’re not propagating it there.

But if you’re a gay supporter and not living in Arab territory, Xbox loves you dearly. In fact, Xbox pledges to donate $170,000 to LGBTQIA+ non-profit organisations. Not like “Amber Heard pledging” though. They’re actually putting their money where their mouth is since $8 million has already been donated to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ communities.

Good job, Xbox. Show the world how progressive you are. Especially in countries that don’t need convincing anymore. But hey, at least you’re trying. Just not in the Middle East.