WTF is Devolver’s Anger Foot and why do I want it so bad?!

Are you ready for some messed-up ultra-violence starring a gun and 12 inches of agitated limbs? Great! Because Devolver Digital is more than happy to give that to you. Lock your doors and tie your shoe laces… Free Lives’ Anger Foot is going to make you question your sanity. Big time.

It is undoubtedly the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while. Anger Foot – a game in development at Free Lives – makes you wonder WTF you’ve just watched. Basically, the Gorn and Genital Jousting team has a thing for kicking down doors and unloading firearms, if we’re to believe Anger Foot’s announcement trailer. I mean, watch it down below and you be the judge. But I must warn you, common sense is not something you’ll find here.

Even though it looks hella disturbing – a sentiment that is being amplified by a psycho soundtrack – it ticks a lot of boxes, strangely enough. I don’t know if I should be feeling proud or ashamed, but I want to play it. Badly. And now… please.

Luckily for us, we can! Well… a portion of it, that is. Steam is offering to step up and kick you in the teeth with a free demo of Anger Foot, which is available now. Awesome!

Just a friendly reminder though. Do NOT try this at home! Doors are tougher than they appear and your house members might not appreciate the shooting part. So please, just stick with playing the demo until Anger Foot launches in 2023.