Build it, race it, and wreck it in Wreckreation

If you’re looking to demolish your rides on a self-created race track, THQ Nordic has got you covered. Three Fields Entertainment – an expert in the field of vehicular destruction – brings us Wreckreation. And as the game’s name already implies, it mainly consists of destroying things at high speed.

For all those unfamiliar with Three Fields Entertainment, let me bring you up to speed (no pun intended). TFE has acquired a pedigree in high-speed demolition by employing wrecksperts™. Housing folks who’ve been working on titles such as Need for Speed and Burnout will do that for you. Plus, the devs have been showing off some of their competitive dangerous driving stuff in a game called “Dangerous Driving. So, on paper, Wreckreation shouldn’t turn out to be a crash-‘n’-burn project.

But hey, as good as it may sound on paper (or screen, in this case), no guarantees can be given without any visual confirmation. And even though trailers are hardly trustworthy when it comes to representing a final product, THQ Nordic just launched one to coax us into wishlisting the game on Steam.

Okay, okay… looks legit enough. This might actually work. So, when are we allowed to wreck shit on the open road? According to the official Steam page, it’ll be ‘coming soon’. Whatever that means nowadays.