Fall Guys doesn’t do ‘Try before you buy’

Test-fitting a pair of sneakers in a sneaker store is like going for sloppy seconds. You know you’re not the first one to go in, but as long as you don’t think about it, it’s okay. As a Dutch guy, I’m pretty used to it. I grew up with the ancient ‘kijken, kijken, niet kopen’ (look, look, don’t buy) principle. But the free-to-play jellybean bonanza called Fall Guys isn’t into this principle and auto-charges people who’re merely wanting to preview the outfit they’re not actually buying. And people aren’t buying that either.

Because let’s face it. You wanna know what your idiotic jellybean’s going to look like before you go for the purchase. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re automatically okay with the purchase. Those hard-earned credits being written off instantly… that ain’t cool, Mediatonic. And as you might expect, people are posting it all over socials like Reddit.

Fortunately for us, Mediatonic isn’t the worst in responding. Affected players were met with an official reply. Unfortunately, this reply also didn’t really help much. Instead of the expected “we’re sorry, we’ll fix it ASAP”, Mediatonic’s tech support went for the “hey man, you pressed the button, not the game” approach. Yikes…

I mean, wait a sec… uhm… NO! This is unacceptable, especially for me, a Dutch guy. I HAVE to be able to see what I’m not going to buy. It’s my prerogative as a Dutchie. So this is DEFINITELY a bug. You might think it’s not and Epic Games might back you up on it but it most certainly is.

And after some second opinions and reconsiderations, somebody at Mediatonic had to be the fall guy and go onto Twitter to set things right. Because in the end, the Fall Guys developer acknowledged its mistake. The auto-buy issue is – in fact – a bug and is getting a fix as we speak. Furthermore, players affected by the bug will receive a refund.

There we go. That’s the spirit. A wise choice, Mediatonic. You don’t wanna mess with an angry mob. Ask anyone who’s stormed the Capitol.