Come watch some actual Callisto Protocol gameplay this time

Aight, I gotta come clean here. I should apologize for the earlier post regarding The Callisto Protocol. The headline promised you a gameplay trailer and all you got was… like… 30 seconds worth of it. But I promise you that this is going to be different. I really have some proper Callisto Protocol gameplay for you this time. May I die in space if I’m caught lying.

So, give me a chance to redeem myself here. I mean, how was I supposed to know that Glen Schofield was gonna hold back on me until Summer Game Fest started? And technically I wasn’t even lying in the first place. But hey, let’s drop the apologetic act (because let’s face it, I’m no Blizzard employee) and watch some actual Callisto Protocol gameplay.

Man, after seeing this, I’m so stoked for Dead Space The Callisto Protocol… you have no idea. Glen sure seems to know what he’s doing. And even if it comes across as a carbon copy of Dead Space, I’m not complaining. That game was the absolute bomb back then (and it will be again soon), so I don’t see the problem here.

The Callisto Protocol will make you pee yourself on December 2, 2022. Which isn’t a big deal, by the way. In space, nobody can hear you pee…