Warner Bros. still puts its galleon on 2022 for Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re one of those Seekers looking for accurate release info regarding Hogwarts Legacy, Instakilled hasn’t really been that unambiguous. First, it was 2021, which became 2022, and the last info even spoke of a possible 2023 release. To be fair, I’m only reporting the noises that I’m picking up left and right, so bear with me. And the last noise comes in the form of tweets, which both reaffirm a 2022 release window for Hogwarts Legacy.

The first noise comes from a Twitter leaker called AccNGT, who strongly believes in a release this year. In fact, the only thing preventing Hogwarts Legacy from releasing in 2022 should be other games. Still, AccNGT is ‘just a leaker’, but one with a very trustworthy track record and one that is yet to steer us wrong.

The second noise comes from the publisher itself, be it the Brazilian branch of it. On its Twitter feed, Hogwarts Legacy is still listed as one of 2022’s most-anticipated releases. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t get delayed anymore, but it does spark a little hope when you combine it with AccNGT’s tweet.

In the end, only time will tell. I’ve gazed into my Remembrall and no red smoke has filled it. Then again, I’m just a muggle with no wizardly talent whatsoever. All I’m good at is making girls and a good vibe disappear…