Hellena Taylor urges fans to forget about Bayonetta 3

Hellena Taylor, some of you might not even know what she looks like. But many of you know what she sounds like. It’s Taylor that has been granting the gun-wielding witch Bayonetta her instantly recognizable, soothing, and iconic voice. But with Bayonetta 3, things have changed and with it, her voice. And all of that could have been avoided if Hideki Kamiya – Head of PlatinumGames – hadn’t been such a cheapskate.

Because if we’re to believe Hellena, her voice isn’t really worth much these days. In a series of very open declarations on social media, the original Bayonetta voice actress unfolds how negotiations ended after PlatinumGames stuck with its final offer of $4000.

Now, before we all go “$4000 for some voice lines? Sign me up!”, consider this for a change. Bayonetta has been anything but a flop. In fact, with millions of copies sold, Bayonetta 1 and 2 have booked quite some success, even if PlatinumGames views that differently. And it might just be that change of perspective that moved the developer to allegedly offer the equivalent value of 66 Bayonetta 3 copies sold.

In the meanwhile, Kamiya doesn’t seem to be in the mood to break bread with Hellena, calling her claims “sad and deplorable”. Without giving any explanation as to why Taylor got replaced with veteran actress Jennifer Hale, all he threw at us was “BEWARE OF MY RULES”. And ironically, Twitter couldn’t give two shits about his rules as the account is no longer in use. Or maybe it was Kamiya that took it down after the shit ton of negative feedback. Can you imagine the head of PlatinumGames clearing his schedule, just to have negative tweeters banned? Tough life, Hideki.

Anywho, if you sympathize with Hellena and wish to show for it, boycott Bayonetta 3. Instead of forking over your cash to a cheapass company, donate it to charity. Then again, charity workers don’t usually flash their naked bodies while performing ritual dances. Unless the girl is named Charity and she works at your local strip club. But I doubt that Hellena meant that.