#BadTweetment: Vertagear employee fired over a sexist joke

Humor makes this wretched word a lot more bearable. No matter how fucked up your life is, a little bit of humor – be it dark or not – can really brighten up someone’s day. Social media managers know fully well that alongside sex, humor sells. But humor is a subjective thing and just like sex, not everyone gets it. The social media person at Vertagear has found that out the hard way and lost his job over a sexist joke. I guess his high-quality gamer chair is vacant again.

Yeah, humor is something you gotta be careful with, especially when it has a sexist vibe to it (right, Ubisoft?). If you’re taking a chance by posting one that millions can read, you have to be really sure it’s not offensive. Apparently, mocking the difference between male and (some) female streamers is offensive. By posting two comparison pictures and asking “Is this accurate?”, gaming seat manufacturer Vertagear drew more unwanted attention than bargained for. Realizing that this might spark the rage of female streamers, Vertagear opted for the deletion of the tweet. Unlucky for them, people had already spotted it, demanding a damn good apology.

And that apology came in the form of a behemoth of a statement. You might want to cancel all your appointments and have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner before reading it.

As social justice requires, requests to have the person responsible removed were made almost instantly. And because there’s no such thing as “letting it go” after a heartfelt apology, Vertagear gave in to the people’s demands.

By posting two pictures, three words, and three laughing emojis, a social media manager basically sentenced himself to unemployment. Ironically, his post isn’t just a made-up mock-up. There are plenty of streamers out there that’d rather show off their “gear” than their skills. Then again, generalizing female streamers because one of ’em uses one of your chairs, wasn’t really the brightest of ideas.