Valve introduces its own Switch lookalike called Steam Deck

As some of you might already know, Valve has been working on a handheld device. In the past, this device has been referred to as the SteamPal. It now turns out that this name was totally bogus. I mean, SteamPal… for real? If you wanna wow people with a next-gen Nintendo Switch lookalike, you gotta do better than that. And so Valve did, by calling it the Steam Deck. Ahhh yes… much better indeed.

Except for the name, all the other info seems pretty much on par with what a lot of insiders brought out. Like Nintendo’s Switch, the Steam Deck qualifies as a hybrid console. This means that it serves as a handheld and a gaming console, after you connect it to a screen by putting it in a docking station, that is.

But remember, boys and girls, Steam Deck is not just another handheld. This device aspires to be truly top-of-the-bill. Packed with a 7″ LCD touchscreen, touchpads (are you seeing this, Phil?), and a custom AMD Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse, the Steam Deck shouldn’t have any trouble running the latest AAA games.

To make sure that you have plenty of room to install your ever-expanding Steam Library, the device will come with three types of internal storage. The entry-level Steam Deck boasts 64GB eMMC, which truly isn’t that much. For a few bucks more, 256GB NVMe SSD or 512GB NVMe SSD will be installed. This isn’t only a lot more storage space, but it’ll also make your games load considerably faster.

But if you’re a Steam veteran like me, even 512 gigabytes might not be sufficient. If so, you’ll be happy to hear that internal storage can be expanded by inserting a MicroSD memory card.

Like always, all that power comes at a cost. You can get the entry-level Steam Deck for the price of $399, with prices going up to $529 and $649 for faster models. This price doesn’t include the dock though. If you’re still interested, you can place your pre-order starting tomorrow. The Steam Deck should be ready to ship this December.