Uncharted movie trailer is no longer uncharted after early leak

Leaks, with autumn in full gear they’re bound to spring. Not only around the house but also in the industry (even though those aren’t season bound). The latest leak concerns the Uncharted movie, in which our favorite neighborhood spider Tom Holland plays a young Nathan Drake. Even though the footage is shaky as fuck, it does give us a clear picture of what to expect.

[UPDATE] Just like Nathan Drake in the leaked snippet, the official trailer has now been dropped by Sony. So, if you feel like giving that video a go, have a gander. At least it’s longer, less shaky, and a helluva lot less pixelated.

[ORIGINAL POST] It’s obvious that Sony went for the “hey, I’ve seen that in the Uncharted games” vibe with this one. Nathan dangling from dropping pieces of plane cargo, making an impossible leap to the cargo hull… got it. The mandatory “Oh crap!”, cross that one off the list. Some cringe humor? Yup. It’s there. But you don’t mind, right? You wouldn’t be here if you did.

Anywho, what about that trailer? I’m sorry, you’re right. By rambling is just making for stalling filler. So here you are. Enjoy.

Well? What’s your opinion on it? Is Tom Holland the perfect guy to play Nathan Drake, even if he is a little young? And what about Markie Mark Wahlberg as Sully? And most of all, did you understand what that Scottish dude was talking about without using subtitles? Be a good sport and let me know. I promise I won’t leak it prematurely.