Ugly Sonic made it to the big league by scoring a cameo

It was the fugliest render that shocked the world. The original Ugly Sonic concept – who can forget about that atrocity – is back to haunt us. But in a good way, I suppose. Instead of claiming the lead in a semi-animated movie about the fastest ‘porcupine’ in the world, he bagged a cameo. And Akiva Schaffer – director of Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie – has taken him in with open arms. See? There’s a place for everyone and everything. Even if it’s ugly. That just makes me feel a lot better.

First of all, I didn’t even know about a Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie. And frankly, I didn’t even care about it when I found out about it. But the marketing team – and production team – have done a great job of attracting attention. Sometimes you gotta show people something horrendous to reel them in. And that’s exactly what Akiva Schaffer decided to do. And it worked, in my case.

Because I almost forgot about Ugly Sonic. After lots of counseling, prescription drugs, and alcohol, Ugly Sonic got wiped from my grey matter. Lots of other (useful) info got lost with it, but that’s collateral. And then there’s Disney+, nullifying all the efforts of me obliterating the bad memories. So, before you scroll down any further… are you willing to rip off the scab of that once festering wound? It’s your party, chum.

Speaking to Polygon about the process of signing on Ugly Sonic, Schaffer also had a big ‘thank you’ for the lawyer team at Disney. If it weren’t for their effort and tenacity, Ugly Sonic would’ve stayed a distant memory. Because believe it or not, you can’t just put a failed render in your movie because it got discarded by the rightful owner. There’s still legal stuff to be taken care of, even in the case of fugliness.

“It’s one of my favourite [cameos in the film],” he said. “I can speak to that. It’s one of my favourite things in the movie. And I’m very excited for people to see it … I don’t know what I should, what I’m allowed to say [about it]. I think I will actually plead the fifth.”

“It was super-important to me to get a bunch of third-party cartoons, because if this is going to be some sort of a celebration of animation, it can’t just be a celebration of Disney animation,” he explained.

“The [characters] you see in the movie — sometimes we had to try two or three other things before we found one that could be licensed.

PREM. on Twitter: "It's an alternate dimension. The Sonic movie has been  out with the old design for 3 months. 4.2/10 on IMDb. The reputation of  Sonic is even lower (like that

“It was a process. […] You don’t usually come out of a movie and want to thank the lawyers, but we genuinely owe the Disney lawyers for being team players.

“[They] super stayed optimistic about it, and really saw the value of the third-party stuff, and they had to really work hard. […] It’s easy for me to go, like, Oh, it would be cool if My Little Pony was in the movie, and they’re like, running in the hallways […]

“But then [the lawyers] have to go call Mattel and pitch them the movie, and tell them it’s not making fun of [the characters], and then I have to get on, and then blah, blah, blah. So it was a process. But you know, it makes [the movie] so much better.”

Well… as long as you’re happy, Akiva. I gotta go make an appointment with my shrink again.