XDefiant will be a new ‘honest’ free-to-play Tom Clancy game

Remember that planned unveiling that I was talking about yesterday? Well, it happened and it turned out to be exactly what many have anticipated. Ubisoft has presented XDefiant, a free-to-play first-person shooter in the Tom Clancy universe. After showing some gameplay footage, the team behind the project explained how XDefiant should be a game for everyone to enjoy. Because Ubisoft wants everybody to have a good time and feel comfortable within their games. Ubisoft has such great core values, oh my god…

So, XDefiant. As mentioned before, XDefiant is an abilities-based free-to-play shooter set in the well-established Tom Clancy franchise. Players take the role of a Defiant – a battle-hardened combatant – and take part in one of several factions. These factions should all be familiar to all you Tom Clancy-enthusiasts out there, as they show quite a few recognizable characteristics.

Being an abilities-based shooter, every Defiant has got a unique feature that should help players pick their favorite. To keep things honest, Ubisoft has stated that these abilities are not meant to be overpowering. The sole purpose of these abilities should be to create unique opportunities for a player. Yes indeedio, Ubisoft can’t stress enough that XDefiant should be an honest game, suitable for both competitive and casual players.

Another one of these core principles in XDefiant is authentic gunplay, of which I honestly have seen none. Personally, I can’t really put fast-paced action and authenticity together, but sure. Maybe XDefiant is set in the future where guns are made of lightweight ABS and have zero recoil. Idunno. It does look nice and snappy though, I gotta give Ubisoft that much credit.

Anywho, apart from being far from authentic, XDefiant does look like a game that can have potential. If you’re eager to figure that out for yourself, you can sign up for the closed beta which starts on August 5. You have to be a resident of the US or Canada to participate in that one though. Other continents will have to sit this one out, as future tests are still to be announced.

As for a release date, there isn’t any. Not even a release window. But like I said, you might be able to get crackin’ ASAP if you register at playxdefiant.com.