Ubisoft to unveil another Tom Clancy game, because why not?

Ubisoft – the French publishers that just loves squeezing every drop out of their Tom Clancy-cow – is once again going to tug the living shit out of the Clancy utters. This morning or evening – depending on where you live – a new first-person Tom Clancy shooter will see the light of day. Is it going to be the earlier leaked Project BattleCat? We shall know soon enough.

At 11 AM PDT/ 8 PM CEST, Ubisoft will start seeding us all the deets regarding this mysterious project. But if you’re really too curious and can’t curb your enthusiasm any longer, IGN and GameSpot have got you covered. Since these two major websites are in cahoots with Mr. Guillemot, they’ve gained access to the first snippets of gameplay. And because I’m feeling rather generous today, I’ll even share those clips with you.

After carefully ogling these snippets, one can see that at least some of the BattleCat leaks seem to be correct. According to that leak, Ubisoft will most likely combine several Tom Clancy influences into one single shooter. As you already might have spotted, The Division’s New York seems to be the playground of these two clips.

It’s also rather apparent that this shooter will be of the ability-based kind, giving every character its own abilities and skill set. The pace also looks to be pretty upbeat, so this will probably be one for the rainbow-colored hairdo streamers among us.

Oh well, whatever it will be, we’re bound to figure out more later. If you’d like to follow the livestream on Instakilled, you’re more than welcome to tune in below.