Ubisoft wants you to fight the Notre-Dame fire in VR

Do you remember where you were when the Parisian Notre-Dame stood ablaze? Chances are that you weren’t in it, that’s for sure. But would you have wanted to be there? If the answer is “yes”, consider yourself blessed by the gaming gods because Ubisoft will soon offer you the opportunity to experience the horrendous fire in VR. Sacre Dieu!

Naming it Notre-Dame on Fire, Ubisoft’s VR experience serves as a tie-in for the upcoming IMAX documentary bearing the same name. According to Deborah Papiernik, Ubisoft’s senior VP of new business and strategic alliances, Notre-Dame on Fire should be described as an “escape game”. Players will have one hour to solve puzzles, find holy shit, and fight off the flames. You know, typical firefighter stuff.

“Like any escape game, it’s a question of puzzles and co-operating with your teammates”, Papiernik said. “The idea is to make your way through the cathedral to find relics and to fight the fire, because you have to save Notre-Dame [before the clock runs out].”

For Ubisoft, making a virtual version of the iconic Parisian cathedral should be a walk in the park. Back in 2014, Ubisoft Montreal already laid the foundations for it by recreating the Notre-Dame for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The entire structure has been meticulously recreated, leaving nothing to the imagination. This build even got repurposed for another VR title called Notre-Dame de Paris: Journey Back in Time.

At the moment, no news has been shared about supported VR formats. Given the promotional images, HTC’s Vive Pro 2 will definitely be supported.

Notre-Dame on Fire is scheduled to launch in March, alongside the IMAX docudrama.