Ubisoft encores with Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure

If you attended Assassin’s Creed Symphony back in 2019 and you’re desperately looking to relive it, you’re in luck. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the killer franchise, Ubisoft chose to give it another go. Kicking off on October 29 in Paris, the publisher promises to present its top brass, supported by video, lighting, and sound effects.

The thing is… if you did attend that 2019 concert in Paris, you’re likely skeptical. How do I know? Because I was there, and let’s just say that it wasn’t as grand as I expected it to be. If the 2019 E3 demo taught me something it’s that Ubisoft isn’t the market leader in symphonic concerts.

But hey, maybe Ubisoft has learned from its previous experience. They might have gone for full synchronization this time. With all performers in tune and video effects in sync, it might even be a show you’d be willing to pay for.

If you’re up for a symphonic Assassin’s Creed experience, start saving up. Tickets for the Parisian show are already up for sale, starting at €34,90. But if you’d like to actually see something else than a few hundred craniums, be ready to dish some more coin. As of now, all the super-duper-premium tickets are already sold out, but you can still drain your bank account by reserving Hidden Ones VIP tickets, exchanging ownership for a respectable amount of €149,90.

For more information and reservation options, visit the event’s official website.