Ubisoft introduces NFTs and gamers don’t seem to ‘dig it’

Have you ever felt the need to sell in-game cosmetic items? No? Well, Ubisoft likes to think that you do. All those worthless trinkets that you acquire while you play one of their countless open-world adventures… kinda clog up your inventory. Discarding them is hard enough as it is, so why not make some money off of them? Within the world of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), you can. So that’s why Ubisoft is giving NFTs a go with Ubisoft Quartz. The thing is, people don’t seem to ‘dig it’, which is ironic given the fact that Ubisoft calls them Digits.

So, how do I know that these Digits aren’t exactly high on people’s appreciation list? Youtube, that’s how. And also the fact that the announcement video is no longer available on Ubisoft North America’s Youtube channel, where it was first shown. But if you don’t believe me, Google “Ubisoft Quartz” and watch the shitshow unfold before your very eyes. Or take a gander at the comment section on Ubisoft’s Twitter account, right after you nuke yourself a big bucket of popcorn.

If the numbers posted by other media are correct, the Quartz announcement trailer has hit a respectable 95 percent dislike rating. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I mean, Ubisoft has done literally everything to convince people that this is the future. Just read the sales pitch below. Who on earth can say no to this?:

“Digits are a new way to experience cosmetic items, combining the fun of playing with AAA quality assets and the thrill of owning NFTs that represent unique, collectible pieces of Ubisoft game worlds.

Our long-term efforts led us to understand how blockchain’s decentralized approach could genuinely make players stakeholders of our games, in a way that is also sustainable for our industry, placing back into their hands the value they generate through the time they spend, the items they buy or the content they create online.

Ubisoft Quartz is the first building block in our ambitious vision for developing a true metaverse. And it can’t come to life without overcoming blockchain’s early-form limitations for gaming, including scalability and energy consumption.”

Unbelievable. First that sarcastic Far Cry 6 e-mail campaign that was meant to be funny and now this… Ubi just can’t seem to get it right anymore. Poor Ubi.