Ubisoft be like: “We don’t need a takeover, but we can still talk”

Is Ubisoft heading towards a takeover or not? That’s one of the questions that has the financial world buzzing for some while now. With reports of potential investors having chats with the Guillemots, stockbrokers have been seeking medical attention for their oversensitive genitals. I mean, people wanna know, Yves. And that’s exactly why the Big French Cheese decided to respond to all the chatter. Fair warning though… his statement is as useful as his Ubisoft Forward speeches.

Long story short: Non. But not ‘non non’. There is a ‘peut-être’ to be found in his annual full-year earnings call statement. First and foremost, Ubisoft doesn’t desperately need a takeover. According to its chief, the publisher has everything it needs to stay independent. Money, talent, IP, scandals… the lot. So no, we won’t have to expect a listing on Craigslist. Here’s what he had to say (via VGC)

“There has been a lot of talk around consolidation in the industry and in Ubisoft in particular.

“Our overall position is clear and well known. As we said last February, we have everything we need to remain independent. We have the talent, the industrial and financial scale, and a large portfolio of powerful IPs to create massive value in the coming years.

“It has provided us with the plan to build strategic partnerships with the biggest players in entertainment and tech. The current speculation is putting in plain sight the real appeal and value of our assets and of our value creation potential.

“As mentioned before, as a public listed company, it is best practice for our board to review any offer in the interest of all shareholders and of our great teams.”

To quote the Great Lloyd Christmas: “Soooo, you’re telling me there’s a chance?” Yes. Yves is keeping his options open. If someone were to knock on his door, making him an offer he (and the shareholders) can’t refuse, there might still be room for negotiation.

In other words: If you have a pile of cash laying around and you feel like owning more than just a copy of Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, or Skull & Bones, you know what to do. Send Yves a DM. Who knows…