Pro-life tweet by the CEO of Tripwire got some devs trippin’

Sometimes – in hindsight – it’s best to just keep an opinion to yourself. I’ve found that out the hard way numerous times. John Gibson, the president of publisher Tripwire, has learned that lesson yesterday. You see, Gibson is a pro-life supporter, and that’s just fine. But actually speaking out an employer, supporting a recently passed anti-abortion law… that kinda got a few of his employees trippin’. Some even decided to pull out.

One of those developers is Shipwright Studios, who absolutely doesn’t feel like being associated with Tripwire anymore. In a lengthy reply to Gibson’s tweet, the studio states that it can no longer continue working with Tripwire under its current leadership. Therefore, the dev started to abort all of its current contracts, effective immediately. At least they still have that choice.

The guys and gals at Torn Banner Studios – known for working on Chivalry 2 – were a little less dramatic about it. Still, they also felt the urge to distance themselves from Gibson’s statement.

And then there’s people like God of War director Cory Barlog and Cliffy B who seem to be striking Gibson off the friend list. I guess nobody expected the president of a publisher responsible for Killing Floor and Maneater to be pro-life…

Tripwire Interactive as a company also chipped in, and as you might guess by now, it ended up in a dismissal of Gibson. Are they doing it to make sure that the exodus of developers won’t continue? Is it a heartfelt apology? Who can tell? All we know is that Tripwire’s veep, Alan Wilson, has taken over the reins.

Good luck, Alan. Now don’t go tweeting stupid things, okay?