Pack your satchel, samurai, for your Trek To Yomi begins May 5

Trek To Yomi – Flying Wild Hog’s 2.5D “How to turn adversaries into sushi” simulator – has received a release date. Starting May 5, retribution-seeking samurai wannabees are welcome to pick up a katana and get chopping.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Devolver Digital – the most vengeful of publishers – released a brand-new trailer. In it, we can see what adventure and perils await us next month as we set out for a killing spree. Nobody ever said Trek To Yomi was going to be cuddly and cute. Unless you consider split skulls cute and cuddly…

After spending close to 45 minutes playing the first two chapters of Trek To Yomi, I can guarantee you shit’s gonna be lit. Presented in a classy old-school Bushido-flick style, Flying Wild Hog aspires to deliver a legendary Japanese action-packed tale about retribution. If you want to learn more about my personal experience with the game, give my hands-on preview a read.

So, in the meanwhile, sharpen your blades and await its arrival on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One platforms. If you’re confident enough to place a pre-order, you’ll even get treated to a 10% discount. If you’re a devout member of the Game Pass clan, you can discard that last message. You’ll be getting the game with the plan on Day One. For more info on that, feel free to visit trektoyomi.com. You’d be a Kung-Fool to miss out on this gem.

P.S.: I know Kung-Fu is part of the Chinese culture…