Titles and logos of some new Dark Pictures games spotted

Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes. Since 2019, three of the Dark Pictures Anthology games have been published, with moderate success. We all know that The Devil In Me is going to be next, I presume. But what if I told you that there’s a way to find out what Supermassive Games will bring us in the years to come? It could be quite simple, honestly. No detective work or tough decisions are needed. Just keep reading, and all will become clear.

As with many leaks, we have to thank a Twitter user – in this case @the_marmolade – for the intel. If it weren’t for this person’s vigilance, we’d never have spotted the EUIPO registrations. EUIPO stands for European Union Intellectual Property Office, by the way.

As of now, ten trademarks have been registered. Under the overlapping trademarks The Dark Pictures and The Dark Pictures Anthology, the only other familiar ones are Man of Medan and The Devil In Me. Then there’s mention of The Dark Pictures Switchback, which given its filing date seems to be a placeholder for an already published game. But it’s the last five entries that spark some interest.

  • Directive 8020
  • The Craven Man
  • Intercession
  • Winterfold
  • Presents O Death

Now, before we get all excited, keep in mind that these could just be placeholders, too. The only ones sure of it are Supermassive Games, Bandai Namco, and the Danish company Nordisk. In case you missed it, Nordisk holds a 30.7% share in the developer since last year, which led to a lot of rejoicing with Supermassive’s CEO.

“We are delighted to have Nordisk Games alongside Supermassive for what we are sure will be very exciting times ahead. From the moment Joe and I met with Martin (Walfisz) and Mikkel (Weider), we were convinced that Nordisk would be great partners for us, and we feel privileged to welcome Nordisk Games’ expertise to our Board.”

Great stuff.