Eject! Eject! Titanfall has been discontinued by Respawn

It’s a sad time for all you OG Titanfall lovers out there. Without giving any real good reason, Respawn has decided to pull Titanfall from its digital storefront. Maybe it had something to do with countless DDoS attacks, maybe not. Anywho… people trying to access it through EA Play are granted an extra couple of months to say their goodbyes. As of March 1, 2022, operators better make sure to eject before things go critical.

Titanfall, it’s the much-appreciated game that was set up to fail in the first place. Who in their right mind decides to directly pit a new FPS franchise against hardened veterans like Call of Duty and Battlefield? Yeah, that’s right. Even though Titanfall was a helluva sweet game to play, sales weren’t as sweet as some had wished for. Go figure. Nevertheless, the mech-based shooter acquired quite the fanbase over the years. And that fanbase just received a bitter pill to swallow. Their beloved game is fading away.

On Twitter, developer Respawn explained the details. As of yesterday, Titanfall is no longer purchasable online and it’ll be removed from subscription services on March 1, 2022. If you already own a copy of the game you’re in the clear… for now. Servers will be kept live for the dedicated fanbase, who are still dropping into matches left and right.

Wait a minute… do I see a silver lining in the form of a subliminal message? Is Respawn saying that we’ll be getting more Titanfall in the future? I mean, there has been talk of a Titanfall 3 in the past, but that got pushed back because of Apex Legends. I dunno man. The acquisition of that Vancouver studio last summer does open up some possibilities. If that’s the case, I’m up for it. Get me in a new Titan A.S.A.P., Respawn.