The PS5 finally has an 8K game, but no way of displaying it

Why settle for a 4K resolution at 60fps when you can go for 8K? (No, not talking to you, Nintendo.) That’s exactly what developer Shin’en must have thought. The Touryst – Shin’en Multimedia’s voxel-styled stroke of genius – is now the first game ever to display the 8K resolution mentioned on the PS5 packaging. There’s one little thing though. The PlayStation 5 doesn’t actually support 8K at this point, and there’s a chance it’ll never.

To be clear, we’re talking about native 8K here. So no super-sampling, checkerboarding, upscaling, or projection. This is a real 7680×4320 resolution we’re dealing with. Of course, this means big boner time for all you 8K enthusiasts over here, diligently polishing their 8K tv on a daily basis. Finally, you’re able to show the 4K plebs what true visual fidelity looks like. Too bad that PlayStation has to be a buzzkill in this particular situation. Even though your PS5 is compatible with your outrageously expensive tv, it won’t be able to project the game in 8K.

So does this mean that Shin’en’s efforts are totally useless? Not entirely. By downsampling every four pixels to one, The Touryst looks better than ever on a 4K screen. Look at all that pristine voxel-styled splendor, y’all! Gotta love that true next-gen feel. But if you’re worried that this will hurt the overall performance of the game, disabling anti-aliasing will set the display options to native 4K.

Anywho, it’s still boss to be that one person who owns an 8K tv and finally have a PS5 game that’ll one day make use of it, if you’re lucky. Who cares that is a game that mainly consists out of block-shaped stuff? At least you’re living in the future, right?

This incredible revelation was brought to me by Digital Foundry, who’ve actually spent an entire chronicle on this matter. Give them some support, if you feel like it.