The new Sonic The Hedgehog 2 trailer is Fast & Furry-ous

Are you ready for some prickly chaos? You better be, because Paramount Pictures just launched a new Sonic The Hedgehog 2 trailer, and it’s quite something. Be prepared for some sweet references and vast improvements. This trailer is so likable, you should probably put a ring on it ASAP.

If there’s one thing that Paramount and SEGA got right this time, it’s not to fuck around with the looks of the main characters. Remember the atrocity that was once Sonic in the very first trailers of Sonic The Hedgehog? In case you can’t – because you took to mind-altering substances to forget – let me remind you real quick.

Yeesh… If that wasn’t nightmare fuel, I don’t know what is. Anywho, lessons were learned and taken into account for the sequel. And what a sequel it promises to be. Not only are we going to be treated to a better-looking Sonic, but we’re also getting Tails, Knuckles, and a bald Dr. Robotnik, once again reprised by Jim Carrey. And with the iconic Chaos Emeralds now causing mayhem and disruption, fans of the franchise are in for a whole lotta Sonic greatness.

You know, I can fanboy over this as much as I want, but you’re probably more interested in the trailer itself. So don’t let me keep it from you. Have a peek below.

See what I mean? The creators have actually done a good job of getting people excited for once. Something that was deemed nearly impossible after that first SNAFU. But if you think the buck stops there, guess again. Paramount is going for the nostalgic feels this time by throwing references around, starting with the movie poster.

Those familiar with the classic games won’t have any trouble spotting the obvious throwback. But for those who aren’t as familiar with the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis games, take a look below. You’d have to be blind to miss this one.

Man, I got a good feeling about this one. This might actually be the first movie adaptation that gets me up and running for a change.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will sprint to a theatre near you starting April 8. If you feel like staying busy until then, stop by your local LEGO store to snatch this Sonic The Hedgehog Greenhill Zone diorama.