Lego Super Mario fires it up with a big-ass Mighty Bowser build

Lego, whether you’re young or old, everyone knows it and has dealt with it in some way. That’s mainly why it’s as popular as it is. And popularity attracts other companies. Companies like Nintendo, who’s already balls deep into Lego collabs with its Lego Super Mario sets. And Nintendo isn’t planning on ending that collab soon. In fact, it’s firing things up big time by adding a hugemungous Might Bowser build, honoring the iconic antagonist.

And with hugemungous I truly mean hugemungous. As of October 1, 2022, anyone who feels like it gets the opportunity to dump 2,807 Lego bricks on their tabletop to build an articulated Bowser with it. And when you’re done, you can even make him wallop a teeny-tiny fireball. How precious and ingenious!

Just look at it! Ain’t that just great? Just beware, with great fun comes a great price tag. And this Mighty Bowser build comes with one, too. Those familiar with Lego’s MO mostly know how to do the math. Lego usually charges a dime per brick, so seeing a $270 shouldn’t be surprising. Weirdly enough, Lego’s pricing in euros seems to be less steep, advertising it for €229.99.

Anywho, whatever the price may be, this Mighty Bowser set is destined to get added to my ever-growing Lego collection. It’ll go quite nicely with the Question Block and the NES set, which also burned a hole in my wallet.

The Mighty Bowser (71411) will burn that extra hole in your wallet starting October 1, 2022, and will be available via Lego.com or your local brick store.