The Matrix Awakens has ‘awakened’ on PlayStation Network

 “I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why did I click on the title?” Well, probably because you’re The One and the word ‘Matrix’ piques your interest. If so, take the red pill, follow me down the rabbit hole and see how far it goes. You know, that rabbit hole called The Matrix Awakens…

Before I start, remember one thing: “All I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” Also keep in mind that  “We’re not here because we’re free, we’re here because we are not free.” Most of us can’t help it. Whenever we see The Matrix, we follow. And when a leak springs, showing us an ad for something called The Matrix Awakens… we can’t take that blue pill.

The problem is that we really don’t know what we’re dealing with. All we have to go on is an image, leaked on PSN and shared on Reddit for safekeeping. All it gives us is a name and a description of it being an Unreal Engine 5 experience.

So what is it? Is it a game, is it an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo? Only the One knows, I guess. And hopefully, at some point in time, we will too.

“I do not believe it to be a matter of hope, it is simply a matter of time.”

Morpheus, ‘The Matrix’ (1999).

In other Matrix news, a new trailer for the upcoming fourth installment – The Matrix Resurrections – has just dropped. If you’re ready for a little déjà vu, you’re going to like this one.