Everyone points to a 2022 release for The Last of Us remake

I can’t say it with one hundred percent certainty, but others around me seem to be pretty damn sure. The PlayStation 5 remake of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is coming this year. The claims have been stacking up for quite a while now and a recently spotted LinkedIn profile seems to be backing them up. It seems like we haven’t seen The Last of It.

One of these claimers is – of course – Jeff Grubb. These days, a bonafide claim isn’t even credible anymore if Jeff hasn’t been talking about it. According to The Grubbmeister, The Last of Us should be heading to PS5 this holiday. At least, that is what he keeps hearing.

Jeff’s premonition pretty much lines up with previous reports from Bloomberg and Tom Henderson, another reliable source of inside information. Bloomberg was quick on the draw, spilling the beans on the remake back in April 2021. Henderson was talking about release windows in January, stating that The Last of Us should be heading towards PS5 in the second half of 2022.

Now, what about that LinkedIn profile? Well, that’s where things get more tangible if you know where to look. Corey Hong – one of Naughty Dog’s QA testers – sorta disclosed info that he probably shouldn’t have. Listing an ‘unannounced remake project’ in your experience tab creates a smoking barrel the size of a .500 S&W Magnum. Taking into consideration that this listing has now been altered to ‘unannounced project’ makes it even worse in a way. Luckily, there are still screenshots. Nothing stays hidden on the interwebs.

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Will this be the Last of It? Undoubtedly not. Naughty Dog will definitely break its silence sooner or later, revealing which “multiple game projects” Neil Druckmann was talking about during CES 2022.