[BLOG] The Last Of Us: Part 1 – Less work, more money

Holy crap on a cracker, I just clicked a link in an e-mail from Sony. They state correctly that a game that might interest me is ready to pre-order. Being the good sport that I am, I open the e-mail to reveal the game they speak of is in fact one that does tickle my interests: The PS5 remake of The Last of Us: Part 1. Oh boy, did I get excited! I quickly pull out my phone and bank card, ready to make a 30-50 euro purchase. Until the PlayStation Store page opened… 80 bucks, geez! And that’s the standard version.

Do you want the deluxe version? Sure man, that’ll be 90 euro coins right there. That’s right, that’s almost a hundred of your hard-earned euros PlayStation Studios will gladly take from you. Never ever has my dick made such a quick turtle head motion. The lil’ bugger joined my balls faster than a clicker going for your throat after you make noises.

Honestly, I played The Last of Us: Part 1 on the PS3 and the remastered version on PS4. So thinking of it this way, I paid for it twice already. Now, I don’t want to be the guy who says developers need to make games for free. I’m also not stating that a good game should not be considered worth every penny. Plus, I realize the game has been built from the ground up on a new engine, so they did put in quite some hours. Yet in my humble unasked-for opinion this still means taking a shortcut.

A new game has a design phase, a story phase, and god knows what kind of other creative phases. All the creative content for The Last of Us: Part 1 has been thought of, the story was ready, music written, and voiceovers done. Therefore I believe they went to the construction/building phase right away, cutting out half of the process. And that means fewer hours, fewer costs, but in this case not a lower asking price. So, is anybody interested in a “brand new” VW Golf III from 2001? Special price for you, my friend. Only €61.990. It’s the same price as a new Tesla… but mine is a rebuilt classic, so it’s worth it.

Anyway, you will get a great game for a not-so-great price. At least we know what we will get, and that’s worth something. Just don’t come to me with a second-hand thing asking for full retail prices is all I’m saying. But because I have the backbone of a funghispore and I am braindead like an infected, of course, I pre-ordered the game. But I will complain about it, darn it!