Ubisoft is undergoing a different kind of cancel culture

The cancel hammer is in full swing at Ubisoft. The French publisher has decided to scrap four games, of which two were unannounced. The announced ones are Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon Frontline. Geez, I wonder what made them cancel the last one…

The cancelation of Ghost Recon Frontline shouldn’t even surprise us much, given the enormous pile of excrement we gave Ubisoft after the announcement. Presented as a battle royale game pitting 4-player teams against a maximum of 96 other players, Frontline took the full blast of the backlash last October. Collecting loot and stuff… that didn’t really tickle anyone’s pickle. Well, it tickled 4,800 pickles on Youtube. But a vast majority of over 17,000 viewers weren’t too excited about it. Some Ghost Recon fans, including someone going by the name of ‘Damon’, felt utterly ignored by Ubi.

As for Splinter Cell VR, not much was shared on that project. Ubi boss Yves Guillemot mentioned it briefly at some point, explaining how Splinter Cell was going to tap into “some new type of experiences but more on different devices”. We now know that Splinter Cell VR was being developed by Red Storm and Reflections. It was also supposed to be a Meta collab, making it a Meta headset exclusive. But alas, it is not meant to be, I guess.

Sadly, this isn’t the only setback that Ubisoft has to endure. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora might not get a smack from the same cancel hammer, but Ubisoft is pushing it back quite a bit. Instead of a 2022 release, the Avatar game now faces a 2023-2024 release window. Unfortunate? Quite. Frontiers of Pandora was supposed to launch alongside James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water on December 16, 2022. Then again, you also never know the way of water, so in a way, it’s kind of ironic.