Dead Space’s creator says The Callisto Protocol is still alive

Can you still remember The Game Awards from the year 2020? If you’re a Dead Space fan, chances are likely that The Callisto Protocol caught your eye back then. That trailer showing us a dude in a prison colony, hunted down by some fucked up teethy dingleberry… sign me up. But things have gone mighty dark ever since and hopes were starting to fade. Until recently, when Glen Schofield – Dead Space creator and CEO of Striking Distance – ensured us that the game is far from dead.

In fact, development is actually starting to take shape. What kind of shape is not being specified yet, but it’s probably a nightmare-inducing one. As he shares a photo of some mocap work being done, Schofield promises his followers that more news will follow shortly.

Now, before we get too excited here, let’s get real and set some expectations already. I’m fairly convinced that this “more to share” stuff ain’t gonna be a quick release date. If The Callisto Protocol is still in the process of getting mocap work done, we’re not looking at a game that’s close to being finished. Then again, I might be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. I guess time will tell. Until that time comes, we’ll have to do with that cinematic announcement trailer.

But hey, at least we have another Glen Schofield project to look forward to. The original Dead Space is being remade as we speak and EA has already given us an early 2023 release window for it. If you’re interested, I can show you some in-game footage of that, too.