A Call of Duty / Terminator crossover is real, because fuck it

The Terminator is “back”, entering the world of Call of Duty. Teased by CoD’s official Twitter account, the coming of the T-1000 got announced by showing adding a mimetic polyalloy bar to a pile of gold bars, asking viewers to “identify” it. I mean, great intel, I guess. Just what I needed.

This is far from shocking nowadays. The days of a serious, realistic Call of Duty multiplayer experience are well behind us. We’re talking about a game that added King Kong and Godzilla to its gameplay, so what was I expecting? The Terminator kinda makes sense if you relativize things.

Plus, Call of Duty has been going hard on ’80s action heroes anyway. John and John (Rambo and McClane) previously were added to the roster as part of some Rambo and Die Hard DLC. So I guess adding Terminator to Call of Duty is not the worst choice. If it works for Mortal Kombat – which got horribly dubbed, if I may say so – it can work for CoD.

The Terminator “will be back” starting today as part of Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune.