“One does not simply remake Silent Hill 2”

“How do you go about making a game like Silent Hill 2?” The answer to that question has been answered years ago. Twenty-one years ago, to be exact. But curious people might still want to know how one goes about remaking a game like Silent Hill 2. To that inquiry, Bloober Team now offers an answer too.

Because NEWSFLASH: the Polish devs at Bloober Team are officially tasked with remaking one of the greatest games ever made. After years of silence, word got out that the Layers of Fear developer is responsible for recreating Silent Hill 2. And with that, Bloober Team has some mighty big shoes to fill. Remaking a cult classic sounds like a dream come true. But that dream can turn into a fucking nightmare if not done right.

Because fans of a game have very vivid memories. Even if the last playthrough was twenty years ago, they’ll always find the flaws in your modern take. Even if it isn’t a flaw per se, changes favoring modernization can kill your game faster than one of them wrapped-up nurses.

To ensure that the team stays true to the original, Bloober Team put up a video explaining their development process. Collaborating with some of the original creators, Bloober hopes to keep the essence intact while also making the game more accessible and modern.

Does that put your mind at ease? Can you now live with the fact that changes to your all-time favorite game might not always be for the worse? I mean, remakes aren’t always bad. Capcom did a helluva job with Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, even if the latter was a little too liberal with its changes.

So, what do you say about giving Bloober Team the benefit of the doubt? You might even like what they’re doing to this oldie. Unless you’re an Xbox gamer. I’m pretty sure that the seeming PC/PS5 exclusivity won’t make you say “dziękuję” anytime soon.