Should we ‘Get Ready’ for Tekken 8?

It might be a bit of a long shot, but there’s reason to believe that Tekken 8 might get announced someday soon. With the Evo 2022 fighting game tournament as the perfect stage, Bandai Namco dropped a trailer announcing a new Tekken 7 update and global finals news. But the kicker came at the end, showing a smirking Kazuya, telling us to ‘Get Ready’. Oh… we’re ready. Trust me. We are.

I mean, Tekken 7 is great and all, but it’s also relatively old by now. Even with regular updates – for which we are very grateful – there’s no denying that after 7 years, it’s time for new blood. And if we’re to interpret the end of the teaser, new blood is underway.

Fortunately for us, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada was there to provide answers. Unfortunately, though, he didn’t. Instead of sticking around to shed some light on the matter, Harada went all madlad and just hugged people before leaving the stage with a modest wave. I tell you, it’s the funniest and – quite frankly – most confusing appearance ever.

Anywho, I guess we’ll be checkin’ for Tekken 8 from now on. Until then, we’ll try to get by with Tekken 7. And if you’re really eager to dive into a new fighting game, there’s always the new Street Fighter that’s circling the block as we speak.

To be continued…