Techland clarifies 500+ hours claim after unexpected criticism

Don’t you just hate it when things take too long? For example, for a queue at a public restroom to dissolve when that last beer is heavily disagreeing with that greasy kebab you scarfed down? Or for Axel Rose to end the final note on practically every Guns N’ Roses song ever performed? Or for me to get to the point in virtually every intro that I write on Instakilled? Well, it turns out that people also aren’t too keen on playing Dying Light 2 for 500+ hours. My source? Twitter.

Dying Light’s Twitter page to be exact. Apparently, people have reacted somewhat disgruntled when they were presented with Techland’s ambitions. Getting tons of content is all fine and dandy, but 500 hours to complete a game… that’s just preposterous. Of course, giving this 500+ hour estimate was meant to show off the game’s vastness. Obviously. But not everyone is a master in reading between the lines. Therefore, Techland took to Twitter to clarify their previously made statement.

Now that we have this out of the way, lemme ask you this. When did gamers become so whiney? I mean, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a tiny canoe. Anyone – and I literally mean anyone – could have figured out that the 500+ hours claim is textbook marketing strategy. It is beyond obvious that only people who play the game to the absolute max will hit that mark. If you’re a straight shooter who doesn’t explore every single pixel in the game, it’s pretty clear that you’re not even getting close to that figure. We now know that you’ll actually be closer to a 20-hour run.

That being said, I think it’s pretty damn sad that the gaming community feels the necessity to criticize a developer like this. If Techland would have stepped into the public and said that Dying Light 2 is 20 hours long, their office might have been torched “because 20 hours is way too short, especially after all those delays”. And now, people are flaming Techland for delivering too much gameplay. What the actual fuck, guys? You do realize that situations like these take away every inch of pride and joy on the developers’ side, right?

C’mon, Stay Human already…