Apple vs. Epic – Tim Sweeney is pissed: “Apple lied”

Tim Sweeney – the big cheese at Epic – is a bit pissed. According to him, the people at Apple are lyin’ sonsabitches. He came to that conclusion after Apple’s refusal to allow Fortnite back into the App Store. And that’s hardly fair since Epic has been super accommodating lately. So, what’s this all about then?

In case you forgot, Apple and Epic have had beef for the past year. Apple decided to pull Epic’s cash cow Fortnite from its App Store because Epic was promoting external payment options. And that wasn’t part of Apple’s plan, because that means lost revenue. Apple even froze Epic’s developer account because of it. All of this resulted in a lawsuit.

Unfortunately for Epic, the judge ruled in Apple’s favor in nine out of ten counts. The one win that Epic scores has to do with the external payment options part. Apple is no longer allowed to block links to those options. So there’s a win for both parties, be it slightly bigger for Apple. Anywho, let bygones be bygones, and let’s move on, right? Riiiiight…

If only things were that simple. You see, Epic is willing to bury the hatchet now. According to Sweeney, they’re now agreeing with the terms of Apple, which would mean that Fortnite can reenter the App Store. But Apple refuses, even though it promised that it would welcome Epic back if they’d adhere. And that has Sweeney’s panties in a bunch.

Apple has notified Sweeney that Fortnite will remain on its blacklist until all court appeals are exhausted, which could take up to five years. I guess that’s what you get when you mess with Apple. You know, action and reaction, the principle brought to light by another dude who was messing around with apples.