Supermassive and 2K take us down to The Quarry on June 10

Remember that super campy teenage horror flick “I Know What You Did Last Summer”? Well, 2K and Supermassive Games know what you’ll be doing this summer. You’ll be going all kumbaya and get effing wasted at Hackett’s Quarry in… The Quarry. It’ll be fun, 2K promises. Absolutely nothing to “quarry” about…

Now, most of you will already figure out by now that there will be plenty to worry about. Supermassive Games ain’t in the business of kids tales with fluffy characters and happy endings. There’s gonna be blood, and if you’re not thinking clearly, it might just be yours. Yeah, the brand-new trailer of The Quarry makes that pretty clear.

Some of you might be asking “Hey, isn’t that guy with the bloaty face that Scream dude?” The answer is yes. Supermassive isn’t screwing around with its casting, attracting big horror celebs like David Arquette, Lance Henriksen, and Lin Shaye. If this won’t make for a corny, campy, teen horror experience, I wouldn’t know what would.

But wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to head into the quarry by your lonesome? Indeed it would. And that’s why you won’t have to. With up to seven online buddies, you can shape the story of the Quarry (hey, that rhymes). And if you don’t have online friends, try rounding up a few in your living room to get into “a party horror couch co-op experience”. which will also be an option.

Get ready to shit your pants – alone or with some friends – on June 10, when The Quarry launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.