Sub Rosa – Devolver’s low-poly FPS – hits Early Access today

Have you ever heard of Sub Rosa? You might have, because it has been around for 4 years already. Starting off as a hidden app on Steam, Criptic Sea’s low-poly shooter has drawn the attention of the PC community worldwide. After a long period of secrecy and radio silence, Sub Rosa is now officially out in the open.

Sub Rosa is all about sneaky deals, backstabbing and a car chase here and there to get your filthy blocky paws on cold-hard cash. Nothing’s too shady to earn your day’s worth in Sub Rosa. Getting fucked over is just part of the deal. Nothing personal, strictly business. Kinda like Devolver’s MO, if we’re to believe their CFO Fork Parker.

Sub Rosa is the embodiment of how Devolver Digital handles business – lots of confusing phone calls, reckless driving, and an exchange of money at gunpoint”.

– Fork Parker –

What does this all look like? No clue. But I do have a trailer for you. Check it out, if your graphics card can handle it.

If you feel like giving it a whirl, go get some at Sub Rosa’s Steam page. But before you head off, buyers beware! Even Devolver Digital urges you to keep your Benjamins in your wallet if you haven’t checked out some decent gameplay images yet. So head over to subrosagame.com first before you “fork” over some cash to Uncle Parker.