Street Fighter 6 revealed, starring s(c)andalous beefcake Ryu

For 35 years, Street Fighter has been a benchmark for arcade 2D fighters. Who doesn’t know Chun ‘Thunder Thighs’ Li, ‘Old Sparky’ Blanka, and ‘does my hair look okay?’ Guile? And after 35, Capcom still isn’t done with these testosterone-filled beefcakes. How do I know? Because the sixth major installment of the franchise – bearing the very surprising name Street Fighter 6 – just got announced. That’s how.

Even though the announcement trailer is merely hours old, people are already losing their shit over it. Not because it’s… like… horrible, but because of Ryu. You know Ryu, right? The dude on almost every Street Fighter cover? Yeah, the one with the red sports bandana. That’s the fella. Not only has the iconic brawler matured quite a bit, he’s also made some improvements to his attire. Check out the trailer below to see what I mean.

Before we go all ‘ooooh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ over the graphics and music (and Luke’s poppin’ veins, for all I care), did you see Ryu? He’s wearing fucking sandals all of the sudden! Nike Air Jerusalems, FTW. The dude hasn’t worn footwear since Street Fighter 1, and back then, he was wearing some bitch-ass creepers. He probably got bullied over those, which explains why he went barefoot ever since. But for Street Fighter’s 35th birthday, old Ryu whipped out the flip-flops.

Anywho, that’s about all the info that Capcom felt like sharing regarding Street Fighter 6. But rest assured, there will be more news coming. Just keep your ears and eyes open this summer. We might hear or see more when E3 arrives, be it in a digital form. Or maybe Gamescom, which hasn’t officially been canceled (yet). Please, Germany, don’t disappoint me again…