Streamer blows 15K on Diablo Immortal gem, yeets it instantly

What do you do when you have 15K to burn. I’ve heard that crypto and NFT are totally the cat’s meow nowadays. Then again, that might be too mainstream for your taste. So why not sink it into Diablo Immortal until you get a 5-star gem? And while you’re at it, make sure to ruin that gem ASAP once it’s yours. You know, like Quin69 did.

Yup. That actually happened, Quin69 – a streamer from New Zealand – felt like he had a point to prove. After spending more than $25K NZD (roughly 15 grand in USD) on ‘legendary crests’, a 5-star gem finally popped up. And you’d think he’d be super happy with his costly winnings. But he wasn’t. In fact, Quin69 gave Blizzard the finger and trashed it on a useless Rank 1 item instead. Straight after that, it was “see ya never” for Quin69, who swore never to play Diablo Immortal again.

If you’d like to see the events as they took place, I got you fam. Feast your eyes on two of Quin69’s Twitch clips, in which he doesn’t shy away from venting his feelings towards Diablo Immortal. Every kilobyte of disk space occupied by Immortal is one too many. Diablo 2 may stay. Part 3 is already a stretch. But Immortal… nah. GTFO ASAP!




Oh well, if you gotta blow cash on something, you might as well go out with a bang, right? I mean, Quin69 isn’t the only one funding Diablo Immortal hoping to see a nice gem in return. According to Appmagic, Blizzard has been making big bucks with Immortal, which reportedly earned them more than $24 million in its first two weeks. Not too shabby for a free-to-play dumpster fire, which totally isn’t a dumpster fire according to its game director. If only we would base a game on its merit and not on misinformation…