Annapurna’s Stray got off to a purrrfect start on Steam

Plenty of people on Steam seem to think that Annapurna’s latest game Stray is the cat’s meow. According to Steam’s statistics, at the time of writing, the cat sim secures 18th place in the concurrent player list. With a peak of 62,963 concurrent players, Stray managed to keep heavy hitters like Rainbow Six Siege, Fall Guys, and even Elden Ring far behind.

Independent market analyst Benji-Sales also confirms that Stray is doing a purrrfect job on Steam. Compared to games like Twelve Minutes and Outer Wilds, Stray easily holds the record for Annapurna’s most successful Steam launch.

If you ask me, the praise is well deserved. I might rip the Frenchies a new ‘trou du cul’ often, but BlueTwelve actually did a good job on Stray. It might be short and being a cat certainly isn’t as eventful as being an action hero, but it sure entertains. But I’ll talk about that in my review.

By the way, fun fact; You can play Stray for free, just not on Steam. If you’re the proud owner of a PS5, Stray can be downloaded as part of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. But even if you aren’t subscribed to PlayStation Plus (yet), there is a way to get your hands on Stray for free.

You see, PlayStation is offering a 7-day PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium trial. So if you start that trial and cancel it before the week runs out, you can finish the game cost-free. Just don’t tell them I said that, m’kay?

If you’re not a cheap SOB and believe BlueTwelve deserves to get paid for their effort, just buy it. It’s not going to break the bank. For $29.99, all the bottles, pots, and cans in the Slums are yours to knock over. That alone – plus a dedicated ‘meow’ button – makes Stray worth the purchase.