[BLOG] Are you a Stray-cist without realizing it?

Let me ask you this: Do you ever play a game and really dig deep into the matter or do you usually just enjoy it as it tries to entertain you? If you’re the latter, you might just be racist. And if you’ve been enjoying Stray – as I have – you’re the worst kind of racist. Because Stray is as racist and discriminating as they come, says Kotaku.

Here I was, thinking that I was just playing a game about a stray cat in a neon-filled city, talking to robots. Super cute and all. As a caucasian, western-European gamer, I’m just enjoying the overall vibe BlueTwelve created. And I loved every minute of it. But my love for Stray has given me the label of being racist if I’m to believe Kotaku.

Because Stray is being a little loose with cultural references. Those rice hats that are being worn by the robotic residents of the Slums, those are super offensive. And the fact that Stray doesn’t even mention the dark history of Hong Kong’s Walled City – which BlueTwelve drew its inspiration from – is outright scandalous. And don’t even get me started on some names in the game. A character named Ronan, which obviously isn’t Chinese but Japanese… the audacity!

Some questions ‘arice’ after looking at this screenshot…

And what about the graffiti? Do those Frenchies even know how graffiti works? First of all, why are some of them in English and why do they overlap each other? Is there no such thing as graffiti etiquette in the Slums? Jeez, do your homework, devs! Think of all the people you’re offending. All those Chinese people that are hardly allowed to play your game are now super sad because of you.

Yeah, you didn’t think about that when you downloaded Stray for free, now didn’t you? F*cking inconsiderate, racist bastards!