How to get Stray for free on your pspsPS4 or pspsPS5

While almost nobody ever thinks about that thing called “the cat’s pajamas” and where that came from, I do. Like, what are they? How does that work? And what does it feel like to be a cat anyway? Well… soon we might get some answers to some of those questions. As of next month, Stray – the feline-friendly cat sim – is going to occupy the platform of your choice. And according to PlayStation, you can even bag Stray for free on PS5 if you’re willing to upgrade your PS Plus plan.

That’s right, Stray can be yours for free on Day One, as long as you’re committed to subscribing to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium. Starting July 19, we’ll all be able to experience what the “talon”-ted BlueTwelve Studio has been working on for the last 7 years. Is it going to be clawful or is it going to be purrrrrfect? We’ll know soon enough.

Honestly, I think Stray has a good chance of nailing it. According to the devs, 80% of them are being owned by a cat (because they own you, not the other way around). Real cats have been used for animation purposes, whenever they felt like it. Any cat-owned person knows what I’m talking about. Whenever these feline mocap artists felt like moving, cat-animator Miko made sure to capture it in full detail.

So if you’re thinking of picking up Stray, be grateful for the compliance of Oscar and Jun, BlueTwelve’s house cats. Because they moved for you, ya know? They could’ve been licking their sphincters all day long and turn Stray into a “let’s see you humans do this for a couple of hours” sim. So thanks, Oscar and Jun, for leaving your ani alone and doing the moving thing instead.

Now that’s the cat’s pajamas